To find the complete list of InclusiviREAD books, please view this spreadsheet (constantly being updated!).

The single most important resource for anyone wishing to understand more about disability in children’s literature is Disability in Kidlit, a blog started by Corinne Duyvis that remains firmly “from the disabled perspective.” You can find their sizable list of books concerning disability on Goodreads here.

The Schneider Family Book Award is an annual award given to the children’s book that offers the best portrayal of disability. Find their list of winners on Goodreads and on their website.

InclusiviREAD does not in any way provide a comprehensive list of children’s books about disability and difference published in the past two decades. Rather it is meant to be a representative sample distributed in an engaging and inviting way for educators, parents, and students. Continue to explore these books, and let us all celebrate the chance to make the world a broader and more complex place for all ages to know.